Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Newest Contest Winners

 First Place in Best Full Makeover and Best of Show Winner!!!!!

2nd Place Face Repaint

This years theme was Masquerade. Each Doll had to have a Mask either painted on or worn

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Works in Progress

Here's some things I've been working on:


This is Camile. She is a 2009 Tonner Tyler doll. I bought her for my Daughter for Christmas. The above picture is after she got the full spa treatment. I lightly permed her hair. Removed all factory paint and repainted her with artist quality acrylics. My daughter loved her on Christmas day and immediately combed her hair straight. Gotta love little girls. I got bored one day and did a photo shoot with Camile in a silly outfit I made. Eat your heart out Tyra!

This is Shady, she's is the Beast Master of the Cirque Noir (Dark Circus) Eventually the Cirque Noir will be a whole collection of Dolls, but for now I am just trying to find the time to finish Shady. As with all of my dolls, Shady's been stripped of factory paint and repainted. She was originally a Collector's Edition Disco Barbie. Her hair has been restyled.


Also, I have been working on an outfit for my Contest winning Tonner Doll, Shaelynn. It's still a work in progress. I am trying to design what I seen in my mind. Her gauntlets and belt are tooled leather.

I have gotten my hands on a few more Tonner dolls at discount prices. Here are two more of my new 16" DollsThe Brunette is Jezebel. She's been going through many changes.  This is Jezebel's first face painting. - Face Painting #2 and almost completed outfit. Unfortunately, she is in the middle of face painting #3, but I am happy with the current face painting, I just need to give her some pupils and I will be done and can move on to finishing her outfit and shoes. I have three more 16" dolls who are in need of faces, a huge box of faceless Barbie dolls, and a notebook of many dolls so little time. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Catalina on Dia De Los Muertos

This is my latest finished doll. This Piece is called Catalina on Dia De Los Muertos (or Day of the Dead). This doll was a Mattel Disney Pocahontas Doll. All Factory Make-up has been removed and she's been given an extreme makeover.

Below her stand is all hand made with Polymer Clay and wood. The head stone was created with two part epoxi clay and hand carved and painted.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

latest finished product.

This is a Christmas Present to my niece, whose on her HS girls Basketball Team. This doll started her life as a Myscene Chelsea. I cut the dolls hair and straightened it. I switched bodies, made the outfit and altered Barbie Tennis Shoes to look like her shoes. This doll has had a complete facial repaint with artist quality acrylics.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Contest Winners 2099

This is a fairly new hobby for me. For years I've been seeing One of a Kind Dolls on Ebay and wondered how in the heck people make these awesome dolls. There are many book Character Dolls I'd love to have, but they are so freaking expensive!

Then in August I was searching the web to find cheap doll clothes patterns to make my daughters doll clothes and came upon several One of a Kind Doll tutorials and help forums.

I joined one and spent hours reading about how to do a doll of my own. I have make figurines out of clay and painted pictures of people so it didn't seem that hard to remove the factory paint of a Barbie or Tonner Doll and repaint them. All I really needed to know was what materials were needed and well, I kind of needed to learn how to sew if I was going to make some outfits. In this blog I plan to take you on my adventures in making One of a Kind Dolls!

One of the forums I joined (and the best I think) is the Legends by Valkyrie site. She makes awesome dolls. On her forum she also has a contest. I entered her contest for this year and won 1st place for Beginners in both the Face and Hair catagory and the Total Make over catagory. I am beside myself with excitment. I love to create and this is the first time I've been publically recognized for one of my Art Projects.

Above is a Tonner Tyler from 2000 to the left is her after her Makeover. She won first place in the Beginners Face and Hair catagory. I am still learning this form of art

The second entry I did was for the full Make over catagory. She's a basic Mattel Barbie doll. This is her after my makeover. Almost everything in this picture is hand made, her outfit, broom table decor and were all designed and created by me.